[Video]E3 Rod Fergusson Interview about Gears Multiplayer

Rod Fergusson, during the last few minutes of E3, talked to me about Gears multiplayer. We talked about Gears of War: Ultimate Edition being the first Xbox One game to support LAN, community feedback, and a bright future More »

Sponsored by Twitch TV

Twitch TV began supporting Hypefestation at the beginning. The very first Hypefestation back in 2011 had direct support from Twitch. When Twitch TV was budding, there was already rapport with Jason Barbosa and Michael Murray because of the More »

Sponsored by The Coalition

Once Microsoft purchased the intellectual property of Gears of War, it didn’t take long for The Coalition (formerly Black Tusk Studios and developing for the Gears franchise) to find Hypefestation and the community work they’ve done competitively. The More »

Sponsored by Astro Gaming

Astro Gaming has sponsored and supported Hypefestation events since Hypefestation 2 back in January 2012. Their equipment, promotion, and prize money contributions have been a huge help in supporting the Hypefestation competitive community. More »


Hype 4 LAN Settings and Brackets

Hypefestation Official Rules and Settings Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Double Elimination October 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Pittsburgh, PA. General Event Information Code of Conduct Hype 4 Seeding  LAN Schedule Side Event: 2v2 Brackets


Friday (Side Events/Check-In) 11 am         –  Venue Opens 4 pm          –  Side Event Registration and Team Check-In begins 6:15 pm     –  Side Event

Hype 4 Teams

The listed teams are fully paid for, locked in (if applicable), have submitted their rosters, have joined the discord chat and will be attending Hypefestation 4.   1. Bad Karma – KO

GoW:UE Official Competitive Rules

The following consists of the current maps, swaps and character restrictions that will be applied to Hypefestation 4v4 competitive events. Execution Settings: Rounds to Win: 4 Round Duration: 4 minutes Bleed-Out Duration:

Updated LAN Rules

We have updated our LAN rules. We expect all competitive players attending Hype 4 to read the following. You can see the full rule set here.   Specific LAN Rules for players:

Fury Wins Competitive Showcase

Team Fury gnashed through the competition and proved they were a team to be reckoned with during Friday’s Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Competitive Showcase hosted by The Coalition.  The audience was

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Competitive Showcase

See the first competitive Gears of War: Ultimate Edition event live today! In just a couple of hours, four teams selected by The Coalition Studio will be competing in the Gears of

War Machine: Professor Immortal’s Map Breakdown

Want to get a head start on the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition competition?  Today Immortal Spawn, known in the community as “the Gears of War professor,” has a few lessons up