For a long time, Hypefestation has been centered around competition. Bringing teams and players together, Hype has allowed for the competitive spirit to grow and thrive by providing LAN events and tournaments, enabling the community to gather as one. The goal of Hypefestation has always been to give gamers a place to feel connected to a group of like-minded people, a place to call home. With this new direction, we are finally accomplishing exactly what we set out to do.

“When we started Hypefestation back in 2011, we began by hosting Gears of War events because we believed the energy and enthusiasm from Gears of War fans was incredible.  We wanted to branch out this same energy to other games and events. Unfortunately for us, the popularity of Gears of War 3 declined soon after its launch and we were never able to really grow out of what we started. I’m excited to announce that Hypefestation will finally venture into its original vision by providing content and events beyond competitive interests.”

-Jason Barbosa, CEO

Hypefestation is a company that thrives on gamer culture. Through the Hype website, you will be given access to content across a wide array of different platforms. We are excited to announce that in addition to the competition side of things, we will now be bringing you written content that includes new games, interviews, event coverage, game releases, and art. You will still be getting the video content and streams that you love, but it will all be centrally located here on our website.

Through bringing you this kind of gaming coverage, we are able to tap in to the gamer lifestyle. We are able to report on things that interest you, get you talking, and connect us all in a way that Hype has never done before.

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