Updated LAN Rules


We have updated our LAN rules. We expect all competitive players attending Hype 4 to read the following.

You can see the full rule set here.


Specific LAN Rules for players:

Must abide by the Player Code of Conduct

Players must listen to their assigned Match Referee and abide by the rules and restrictions the Referee enforces.

  • Captains MUST check-in with referees with the 5 count map order to proceed with the Map Selection portion of the event. Referees will have that information readily available.
  • Once the maps have been selected, players MUST check-in with the Referee and announce their selected characters.

Event Manager/Player Communication

  • In order to create effective communication between the players and the Event Manager, players will be required to download the ‘Discord’ app for use at LAN. Only two players per team are required to be in the group chat. The Event Manager will coordinate with all teams on ‘Discord’ by giving them event notices and inform teams of when their match is up. You may leave the chat after your team has been eliminated.

15 min Rule

  • Players have 15 minutes to report for their match after their team has been called/notified.  Once 15 minutes has transpired, they automatically forfeit the first map.  For every 5 minutes after 15 minutes, they forfeit another map in the cycle.  Your team shall also be issued a warning.  Should your team have another match, your lateness window is reduced to 10 minutes.  If you are not in the area, the referees will alert your team Captain via cell phone to report for your match after looking for your team in the immediate physical area for 2 minutes.  This means you have 13 minutes left to report for your match with no penalties. (If your team arrives in 14:00 minutes and causes a delay after the 15 minute mark, your team will forfeit the first map)

Warm-Up/Breaks/Time In Between Rounds

  • A 7 minute warm-up begins once one team is ready and has entered a warm up lobby.  At 7 minutes, there will be a hard stop and the two teams must enter the official match lobby.
  • A 4 minute break time-out can only be requested by a team after 35 minutes have transpired in a match. (This does NOT include the warm-up period)
  • There exists 2 minutes between rounds for players to re-lobby up into the next map. A team may request an additional 2 minutes between their maps by asking the Referee for a Time Out.
  • All of these time frames will be strictly enforced by the referee. If a player does not comply with these rules, their team may lose a round at the referees discretion. If the team continues to rebel against the referee, he/she may disqualify you for not adhering to the time constraints.


  • Active Coaches are allowed to interact with their players during map gameplay.
  • Coaches must be pre-registered. Only pre-registered coaches are allowed to interact with teams when their match is up.
  • Players that are already competing in the main event are not allowed to sign up as a coach for another team.
  • Coaches are only allowed to coach one team.
  • Coaches will absolutely not be able to address the opposing team’s members in anyway. (Trash talk)
  • Opposing players will NOT target coaches for negative remarks. (Trash talk)

Equipment Required:

  • Players are REQUIRED to bring their own controller, gaming audio headsets, and other accessories for audio.  Astro Mixamps will be available to rent.
  • If a player does not bring their equipment to their match, the match they are in will not be stalled. The player will have 5 minutes total, taken from that players warm up time, to find replacement equipment. If the player cannot find replacement equipment, they must play without the missing accessories or if the player has no controller, their team will be forced to play without that player. They will be allowed to join an upcoming map if they have found a suitable controller.
  • No USB’s are required. Players will create a local account on the Xbox One they will be playing on. The account name MUST be your Xbox Live gamertag. No exceptions.
  • All players are REQUIRED to have a micro USB cable for their Xbox One controller to function. Battery packs are not allowed on the event floor. Referees will be checking all players controllers before they are allowed to set up at their station.
  • Custom controllers with paddles, grips, Kontrol Freeks, and trigger stops are allowed. Any controller with “Turbo,” “Auto Fire,” and macros are prohibited.

Equipment malfunction:

  • If a player unplugs their controller mid-game, shuts off their Xbox mid-game, or unplugs their headset, there will be no map restart. The other players must continue the match. The player that disconnected themselves must quickly reconnect and wait until the map/rounds end to rejoin.
  • If a spectator is the cause of a controller/Xbox/headset disconnect, the match will be paused and the map will be restarted with the round count before the disconnect happened.
  • If any venue malfunction occurs such as a power outage, equipment disconnect, equipment failure, Internet disconnect, or any kind of Hypefestation provided equipment failure, the match will be paused and the map will be restarted with the round count before the disconnect happened.

Other LAN specific Rules:

  • Monitor Resolution must be set to 720p or 1080p.
  • If match statistics are being recorded by the referee, the captain (or Host) on one side of the team will be notified by the referee that they will be taking a picture of the stats after the maps end. Captains (or Hosts) should comply with the Referee. (‘or Host’ is at the referees discretion)
  • If any player is caught deliberately using map glitches during their match, their team will automatically forfeit that map.
  • In the case of a medical emergency where a player cannot continue with their matches, the team will have to continue to play imbalanced matches or forfeit.
  • In the case of a building fire, the players and spectators must leave the building. When allowed to return, the match will be revert and the map will be restarted with the round count before the incident happened.
  • All players, spectators and coaches are required to keep their lanyards on there person at all times. If your lanyard is lost, you must pay a 10$ fee and you must find a Hype Staff member to present an ID to get a replacement.


Specific LAN rules for Spectators:

(Dependent on venue. Changes will be indicated on the specific events rule/bracket page.)

  • Making physical contact with a player during an active map during a match is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  You will be warned and then removed from the competitive venue for repeat violations.
  • If ropes or barriers are not available to protect the players, spectators are NOT allowed to reach into the area past the competitors backs and the sides of the hardware station. Violators will be warned and then removed from the competitive venue.
  • Spectators are not allowed to communicate with players during matches.
  • No Alcohol containers will be permitted inside the competitive venue.
  • No Illegal substances will be permitted inside the competitive venue
  • Belligerent inebriated individuals will be removed from the competitive area.
  • Spectators violating the Code of Conduct will be warned and then removed from the competitive area. Do NOT harass players or the event staff.
  • Spectators without appropriate credentials for allowance into the venue will be evicted immediately and not allowed to return until the appropriate credentials have been acquired.
  • All players, spectators and coaches are required to keep their lanyards on there person at all times. If your lanyard is lost, you must pay a 10$ fee and you must find a Hype Staff member to get a replacement.

Adriana is currently a Grad Student with amazing organization skills and a love for gaming. She is in charge of Competitive Operations which includes event coordinating, player relations, competitive rules and competitive bracket systems.