Streamlining Hype Summer Jam


Summer Jam is just a little over a week away!  We at Hypefestation have been working so hard in order to make this the best experience for all attendees.  One of those things our staff have been working incessantly on is streamlining this event.  This will be the most organized Hype event yet!


A particular aspect we have spruced up for Summer Jam includes making an official itinerary to layout the whole timing of the event Click for Summer Jam Schedule (subject to change).  Here are some key notes about the schedule


The schedule will:
1. Be getting updated live at the event
2. Players should be checking it regularly for their match time
3. Includes links to the Challonge pages which contain links to the rules. The Challonge page is the central link to the 4v4.

One of the main focuses of our new organized agenda is to make sure there are no speed bumps when it comes to your experience as a competitor.  As you all know, in the past we have had problems with key updates delaying your matches.  Not to mention at Hype 3, competitors weren’t able to use their own gamertags because game update mishaps still happened.  This issue has seemed to plague us at every event.  So in order to keep this issue from reoccurring, Hype has formally made a rule that each competitor is to bring a flash drive with their gamer profiles attached.

PNG-usb-pendrive.png-256x256The USB rule will be strictly enforced.
1. It is important that people have their USB’s with their gamertags so that commentators are able to commentate properly and so that viewers at home are able to see what’s happening.
2. Having the USB’s with the updates and maps will make the set-up process much easier and will diminish any possible delays.
— Map packs required for this event include: Forces Of Nature, Booster Map Pack, and Horde Command Pack. Please check that all content on your flash drive works before coming to the event.

3. The repercussion for not having your USB ready to go by your match start, via the schedule time, is that you loose a round. Not a map, but just a round. As in, your first map could starts 0 – 1
–If you’re not sure how to transfer your gamer profile to a flash drive, please click here for a step-by-step process.

Fellow Gears, I can’t tell you how excited the Hype staff is for Summer Jam!  We want to bring the best experience to the best community, and we believe we are doing that with these simple tournament revisions.  Good gaming and good luck!

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