Player Conduct, Policies, and Rules



Hypefestation as a gaming media production platform, highly encourages competitive players to put their personalities on display. We believe it is healthy for any competitive community to have very distinguished and vibrant characters. Hypefestation wants to spotlight our lively gamers but we expect a certain degree of professionalism if we will be highlighting our players. Having good competitive role models is what will help our community grow exponentially and this conduct will attract more sponsors in the future so that we may hold more competitive and community events.

We still understand that as much as our community members will try to uphold good reputable and colorful behavior, there will still be unruly characters that will bring the community down. We are prepared to enforce a set of rules and behavioral conduct so that none of the community members suffer. Below is a set of guidelines first and then rules if you would like to associate with the Hypefestation competitive community.


– We want our players to completely display their personalities, character, and emotions while competiting. We encourage emotional positive and negative outbursts because it’s entertaining and includes players and spectators in the experience. However, do NOT target anyone with personal verbal or physical attacks. – Express your feelings and emotions through the game, game play, and game play elements. Targeted personal verbal assaults or physical assaults do nothing to enhance the show experience. – We understand profanity is heavily used in gamer vocabulary and it may be very difficult for players to not use profane language during high intensity moments. We do not mind these outbursts. We do however mind the time it takes to think of a personal verbal assault or say something directly offensive to groups of people. Show your emotions but don’t offend others through direct attacks or excessive usage. – At times Hypefestation will listen in to your team chatter for the entertainment of our audience. Always speak to your teammates as if everyone was listening to you at all times.


Player Conduct
June 19, 2014

These rules and policies are effective as of June 26th, 2014.

1a.  The malicious or abusive use of the words “rape”, “faggot” (and any denomination of) and “nigger” (or any other denomination of) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Usage of these words will have you warned, penalized, and then removed from an event, online or LAN.  While in the presence of Hypefestation community outlets such as their live stream chats, or the LAN events created or sanctioned, warnings will be issued and the continued use of these words will have you penalized (sitting out), removed or banned from the particular event and venue the event is being held within.

Refer to the Xbox Live Code of Conduct:

Hypefestation agrees and supports all points and statements made in the Xbox Live Code of Conduct and any relatable term that could be stated for Hypefestation sanctioned outlets.

This is a very serious issue as the Hypefestation organization and its staff DO NOT condone racism, sexism or any other form of prejudice.  All players, spectators, staff members and attendees of our events and interactions online and offline have the right to feel comfortable in a non-racist, non-sexist, non-prejudice (of any kind) environment WITHIN the jurisdiction of Hypefestation and its sanctioned outlets.

1b. Below this statement is a list of remarks that will not be tolerated. A warning will be issued followed by a penalty, and then removal from Hypefestation sanctioned events such as live stream chats, LAN events, and voice communications on display to the public.

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • National origin
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Veteran status
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation or expression

Simply put, trash talking your opponents ability in the game and not personal issues will help you avoid warnings.
These expresssions are the exact same as in the Xbox Live Code of Conduct in which all players should be very familiar with since Hypefestation’s main flagship game title is an Xbox Live Platform exclusive.

– 1c. Individuals indulging in over excessive use of profanity beyond emotional outbursts WITHIN Hypefestation sanctioned outlets, will be warned, penalized, and then removed from LAN events, live stream chats, or voice communications on display to the public.

2a. PHYSICAL ASSAULT will NOT be tolerated at a Hypefestation event and individuals will be removed immediately from the live event.  The proper legal authorities WILL BE NOTIFIED against the initiating offender.  The Hypefestation Staff will immediately review the severity of the issue and ban the individuals involved accordingly.  The player to make first malicious physical contact will not only be banned from the present event, but also the next LAN event.  We believe, the victim of physical contact, has a choice to de-escalate the physical engagement by avoiding the confrontation and attempting to remove themselves from the confrontation.  If the victim player chooses to retaliate beyond a safe and neutral degree, the victim player is risking injury not only to themselves, but the players around them and damage to the venue.  Any physical contact beyond preventing their own injuries and guaranteeing their own safety is considered inappropriate retaliation and will also be punished accordingly.

2b. Weapons that must be registered by law and other physical potential weapons and items that have no video gaming related purpose WILL NOT be allowed into the Hypefestation event space except by authorized security personnel.  Anyone found with a weapon within a Hypefestation sanctioned event will have the proper legal authorities notified IMMEDIATELY upon their violation and will be escorted away from the event immediately in a safe manner.  Those individuals will never be allowed to attend a Hypefestation event or sanctioned event ever again effective immediately.

Don’t carry.

3c. Hypefestation will not tolerate malicious threatening behavior at sanctioned events and online interactions.  Any issues beyond Hypefestation’s jurisdiction in which a victimized individual COULD notify law enforcement authorities for threatening behavior will be reviewed by Hypefestation staff.  Hypefestation will reserve the right during ticket and pass sales, to deny entry to individuals with evidence against them that have participated in malicious threatening behavior against other registered attendees that could provoke law enforcement interference, in-between the time frame of the the previous physical event and the next physical event. 

Threats and threatening behavior can be defined here.
If you EVER feel threatened by another individual, you should notify the proper authorities.

Thank you for reading the player conduct.  The number one goal is to enjoy your time as much as possible and GET HYPE!

Hypefestation started back in 2011 when Gears of War 3 was released. Since then, we have been running competitions for Gears of War since we collectively believe it's the most exciting shooter to watch on the market. We are expanding our portfolio of games come 2014.