One of ours has fallen


On September 13th, one of our own fellow community Gears of War members Danny Zeitz, also known as PhoboszYn, was robbed and then shot during a Craigslist dealing meet up gone horribly wrong. Danny was an avid Gears of War competitor playing with team zYn at various Gears of War events including MLG and Hypefestation. His teammates and friends vouch for him as one of the nicest, most personable people they have ever met. One of his nick names was “Mr. Buddy Buddy.” He is truly a soul undeserving of the fate that befell him on September 13th.

[UPDATE] Here is a news story explaining what happened to Danny. This is terrible.

Here is Danny’s Twitter

Danny’s Team Page zYn

Here is one of the matches he played in at Hypefestation 2.

“I cherish our dedicated fans and members of our community and the Gears Nation. To lose any one of them is cause for sadness. No one deserves to have this happen to them, and our thoughts are with Danny’s loved ones and friends. Gaming has the awesome power to bring us together, and despite this tragedy we can remember his love of Gears of War brought Danny to influence the lives of the friends who mourn him. For that we are humbled.”

Stephen Toulouse
Director, Community Engagement
Gears of War
Blacktusk Studios

Everyone that participates in this community is a cherished member. Every event you attend, every competition you play in, every team you scrim, you are all contributing to this community and our goal which is to enjoy playing the game we love with each other as comrades. In the terms of the folklore we’re all familiar with, I’d like to honor Danny Zeitz as one of our fallen. If it wasn’t for this tragedy, I know for sure he would still be part of our community, attending our events and contributing to the good times. To Danny’s family, friends, loved ones, and teammates, on behalf of the Hypefestation Staff, Competitors, and Community Members, we are terribly sorry for your loss and send our condolences.

Below is a link to help raise funds for Danny’s family to soften the burden of laying him to rest. Please find it in yourself to contribute to the cause so we can stand together in honoring Phobos and showing we appreciate him as one of our brothers.

“Brothers to the End.”


Jason Barbosa
Hypefestation Productions L.L.C.

Hypefestation started back in 2011 when Gears of War 3 was released. Since then, we have been running competitions for Gears of War since we collectively believe it's the most exciting shooter to watch on the market. We are expanding our portfolio of games come 2014.