Hypefestation Lock-In Pass Terms of Agreement


Hypefestation Lock-In Team Pass
Terms of Agreement

In an effort to promote professionalism among teams and players, we are offering a Hypefestation Lock-In Team Pass for Hypefestation 4. The idea behind this team pass is to offer teams a professional and monitored option to team creation. To summarize the purpose of this team pass, all locked in rosters will be recognized by Hypefestation and any roster changes WILL be supervised by Hypefestation Agents and the players who opt to agree to purchase a Team Pass.

Teams that opt for the Lock-In Pass will be offered sponsor benefits and promotions for committing to a more professional option for team creation. We hope that this initiative will help cultivate better player / team interactions for future Hypefestation events. Your professionally designed vector logo will also be included in the Hypefestation Video Productions and promotional media.

THE LOCK IN (Contract): Once a Hypefestation Lock-In Team Pass is purchased, a Hypefestation Agent will contact the team and schedule a voice meeting with all team members listed on the roster. The Hypefestation Agent will officially confirm all the submitted team information and lock the team roster.

LOCKED TEAM: A locked team is a team that has purchased a Hypefestation Lock-In Team Pass for a specific competitive event and has officially been confirmed by a Hypefestation Agent. Hypefestation officially recognizes a locked team and confirms its existence up until the moment the competitive event the team pass was purchased for is declared over by Hypefestation. Locked Teams will be provided exclusive promotions from Hypefestation Sponsors.

LOCKED PLAYERS: A locked player is recognized by Hypefestation and attributed to an official team’s roster that is recognized by the company. Locked players have obligations to remain on their locked teams until the competitive event is over in which the Lock-In Team Pass was purchased. Locked players not officially released from a team will not be allowed to compete on any other team competing at the designated event.

TEAM CHANGES: In the occasion that a change to the roster is desired by the locked team, all team members must be present during a vocal meeting with a Hypefestation Agent and all team members and Agent must sign off on the team change whether it is a release from the team or a trade.

COMPLIANCE FOR PLAYERS: If a player unofficially leaves a team without going through the official process of a team change, that player WILL NOT be able to compete at the designated event. If a team suspects a player is not willing to play on a team, they must contact Hypefestation and an Agent will be assigned to contact the team member in question. The rogue team member will have a 72 hour period to acknowledge the concern of the team and explain the situation. If the locked player does not respond to the Hypefestation Agent, the locked team will be able to acquire another free agent for their team and will have to perform another lock-in meeting with an Agent.

COMPLIANCE FOR TEAMS: If a player suspects that their locked team is not including them into the team for the designated event, the player may contact Hypefestation and ask for an Agent to contact the team Captain and other team members warranting an explanation. If none of the team members respond to the Agent within 72 hours with an explanation or a motion to officially remove the questioned player, the player will be unlocked and enter “Free Agent” status and the rest of the team will not be permitted to play at the designated event for neglecting to contact the Hypefestation Agent. Once contact is made with the Agent, the team will have another 72 hours to officially respond with a roster change motion or proceed as a locked team.

EXCEPTIONS: Teams can be unlocked by a Hypefestation Agent if proof of a significant substantial negative event or condition is brought to attention. These events can affect an individual team member or the entire team. These substantial negative effects include injury, death, natural disasters, financial hardship (involving lack of funds to communicate…cell phone), health conditions, and other reasonably labeled substantial negative events or conditions. The team will be placed in an unlocked mode and will be able to receive a free agent of their choice.

Hypefestation started back in 2011 when Gears of War 3 was released. Since then, we have been running competitions for Gears of War since we collectively believe it's the most exciting shooter to watch on the market. We are expanding our portfolio of games come 2014.