Kickback Invitational – Hype 4


Hypefestation Official Rules and Settings
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition
Sep 19th/20th, 2015.
9am PDT / Noon EDT / 4 pm UTC

Entry: Purchase of Hype 4 Team Pass.

Prize: 1st Place Gets a Refund for their already purchased Team Pass.
Seeding Points are being awarded for use at Hype 4.

To See Seeding Point Structure for this online event, Click Here. 

This is an Invitational tournament. Only teams that will be attending Hypefestation 4 and have purchased their team pass ( lock in or not ) by September 18th, midnight EST, will be allowed to compete. Teams that purchase a Lock In team pass will need to be locked in before the tournament starts. It is intended to be used as a practice event and will follow all the same rules/regulations that will be implemented at the LAN event.

Important Links:

Team Pass Sales
Hype 4 Hub
Lock In Pass Info

Lancer/Gnasher Loadout ONLY

Execution Settings:

Rounds to Win: 4
Round Duration: 4 minutes
Bleed-Out Duration: 20 seconds
Active Reload: Off *Subject to change with patch update*
Self-Revive: On
Friendly Fire: On
Weapon Respawn: After Pickup

Execution Maps(7):
Fuel Depot
Old Bones
War Machine

Map Swaps (Apply to all):
Boomshot <Default>
Torque Bow <Default>
Longshot Rifle <Default>
Frag Grenades <Default>
Hammerburst <Default>
Hammer of Dawn <Boomshot>
Boltok Pistol <Hammerburst>


Banned COG Characters:
Civilian Anya
Samantha Byrne

Locust Banned Characters:
Savage Kantus

NO using Clone Characters. Use one or the other. NOT both.
Cog Clone Characters:
Anthony and Benjamin Carmine
Cog Gear and Golden Gear
Dominic Santiago and Commando Dom
Marcus Fenix and Unarmored Marcus
Augustus Cole and Superstar Cole
Dizzy and Big Rig Dizzy

Locust Clone Characters:
Grenadier Elite and Flame Grenadier
Grenadier and Hunter Elite
Spotter and Miner
Theron and Theron Elite


– All players should be on time for their respective scheduled matches. Their will be a 15 min rule to join the lobby from invite, or risk being DISQUALIFIED from the tournament.
– No match can occur without there being a referee present.
– No subs are allowed. Coaches cannot play. Teams are recommended to play a 3v4 to gain some seeding. Only team members that show up get any form of seeding.

Hosting matches will work as follows:
-> In a best of 5 series, the higher seeded team chooses one map to be cog or locust, then the lower seeded team chooses two maps to either be cog or locust, and lastly the higher seeded team gets to choose cog or locust on the final two maps.
-> In a best of 3 series, the higher seeded team chooses one map to be cog or locust, then the lower seeded team chooses one maps to be cog or locust, and lastly the higher seeded team gets to choose to be cog or locust on the final map.

Continuation Rule no longer exists. 

No Lag test is required.

1. Cat Is Frisky – @CatIsFrisky
3. So Stupendous – @Stupendous__
4. QueeNefertiti – @queenadinef
5. JazzyFizzle94 – @JazzyFizzle94
6. TheCLEANerHD – @TheCLEANerHD *Stream
7. xSteelCity – @SteelCityy
8. ToastTek – @toasttek

Main Stream
Hypefestation – @CaptnBarbosa & @TheCLEANerHD & @Waldortk7


1. Bad Karma – KO Kid x, Mr WhiteSharpie, N4stys, Negattive. Coach – UnUz
2. iiNK eSports – MeDz iiNK, PhiLLieS iiNK, TwiLLS iiNK, Digi7uL.
3. Trystate – TsT CHEVY, TsT Linohh,TsT BURN, TsT Giggs.
4. Noble vXc – Noble WiNGOS, Noble Chubbz, Noble Gambler22, Noble SuBZeRo. Coach – Noble Knxght
5. Enemy eSports – AffinityKami, Eternity vSn, NME CaRiLLs, NME DPoints. Coach – NME Burger
6. Arcane Esports – AbN Infinitives, Brevvsky, Miracle Sent, NR Notify.
7. U4X eSports – Decimatez, Go iHam, Krazaffect, Simp Kujawski.
8. ThrillCo – Blackout TCo, Jynx L, Rage TCo, Rolland TCo.
9. Fury – FraNChlS, Kenny Bounce, Soto3k, Praized Z.
10. VexX Gaming – VexX Dispensa, VexX ToySxldier, VexX Yogurt4, VexXcells.
11. Justus Raw Talent – Jus Immortal, Jus MenTz Jus Voids, Jus Cubano.
12. Double Cross – Bu12n, i Dsh0t i, KmKz Aqua oG, Nai2c.
13. Patience – Big Robes, LKrossover, Poetry ii, zCrowbar.
14. Resilience – Just Stiles, x AnThxnY, ANNiHiLaTe eM, Xterrnal.
15. Ruffled Feathers – still cinellz, Celend, xMeph1sto, ANewnez.
16. True AmB.DeFiance – AhToMic, Desolater, Strive KiLLs, TRAMMMMMMAASAUR.
17. Awakening – Bobbys Ambition, Fanag1er, Knock vSn, Po5eidoN.
18. GLory – Xpl sive, Lava Bounce, Mental n, PHENOLVLENO7V.
19. KINJA CLAN – TYBUU, v StraFey o, Declineless, King Barco.
20. Volatile – KNOCKOUT TANKS, Jon E BoYY SwaG, keviNTNw, Stitches LFG.
21. Annex – ANX Demo, ANX Vaughn, ANX Rozado, ANX DaddyKyle.
22. Synergy – L Strangulate L, SYN Red Icy, Majin Noxious, TdN Nastty.
23. First Class – Casperz, Dread lo Mein, Entaprize, Acrylic.
24. AgiLity – Reloads God, Creecl, RayziLL, Contribs.
25. EBK – Munchies L, BRAG0, I GREED L, Free The God.
26. Cutting Edge eSports – RobAims, Ovaload, Iangodd, Easleyb.



Winners Bracket:
1. Gridlock, Fuel Depot, Old Bones, Canals, Clocktower
2. Canals, Old Bones, Mansion, Gridlock, War Machine
3. Clocktower, War Machine, Gridlock, Mansion, Fuel Depot
4. Mansion, Clocktower, War Machine, Fuel Depot, Canals
5. Fuel Depot, Mansion, Canals, Old Bones, Gridlock
6. Old Bones, Gridlock, Clocktower, War Machine, Mansion

Losers Bracket:
1. Canals, War Machine, Old Bones, Gridlock, Clocktower
2. War Machine, Fuel Depot, Clocktower, Canals, Mansion
3. Old Bones, Gridlock, Mansion, Fuel Depot, War Machine
4. Clocktower, Mansion, Canals, Old Bones, Gridlock
5. Fuel Depot, Old Bones, War Machine, Mansion, Canals
6. Gridlock, Canals, Fuel Depot, Clocktower, Old Bones
7. War Machine, Clocktower, Gridlock, Mansion, Fuel Depot
8. Canals, Gridlock, Mansion, Fuel Depot, War Machine

Grand Finals:
1. Canals, War Machine, Gridlock, Mansion, Clocktower
2. Fuel Depot, Old Bones, Mansion, War Machine, Gridlock

To get this widget on a separate tab, click here. You can also have the brackets available to you by downloading the TOORNAMENT application and searching for HYPEFESTATION.

Hypefestation reserves the right to change the rules or regulations at any time for any reason. Cash prizes will be awarded by Hypefestation in thirty days or less from the tournaments end. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hypefestation’s Event Organizer by sending an e-mail to

Adriana is currently a Grad Student with amazing organization skills and a love for gaming. She is in charge of Competitive Operations which includes event coordinating, player relations, competitive rules and competitive bracket systems.