Hypefestation is acquired by Rekt Nation Inc.

Fury on Main Stage

Hey HypeFam,

I know I have been very quiet since Hypefestation 4. The event had stressed me out immensely and had also put me in a financial hole with unforeseen expenses mostly as damages to the venue and hardware. I have been channeling all my time to my new job in order to pay the outstanding expenses.

I have some great news amidst this stressful time. Hypefestation was acquired by Rekt Nation Inc. during the 2015 year end holidays. Alfonzo Burton, a User Interface/User Experience Expert for Mobile Gaming and former Creative and User Experience Director at Glu Mobile, had been looking with his business associates for an up-and-coming competitive gaming organization to invest and partner with. After months of talks, the group has aligned the vision and direction of the company which fortunately, was mostly Hypefestation’s original vision.

What does this mean for Hypefestation? Hypefestation will be a sub-brand underneath Rekt Nation and we can now produce events and community engagements to our utmost full potential with a legitimate pool of resources and equipment. Up until this contract signing, Hypefestation had been completely composed of volunteers who were passionate about the competitive gaming scene and their favorite competitive title, Gears of War. Going forward, Rekt Nation and Hypefestation will be looking to entertain multiple game titles to support so we can provide high end emotional experiences for potential competitive games and the gaming communities that will grow and support those titles. Some of the career oriented volunteer staff will be employed full-time by the newly formed company. When Rekt Nation and Hypefestation are ready to begin servicing the titles they acquire, we will be opening an office and video production studio to begin work.

I will be taking the reigns as the Chief Operations Officer at Rekt Nation Inc. I will be supervising and managing most tasks involving live events and media production. A lot of the volunteers that the Gears of War community is familiar with at Hypefestation will be invited to work at the undetermined location. I am extremely happy to be able to bring these members aboard and reward them for their hard work and contributions to Hypefestation. For most of the major contributors that have been part of the project, working full-time in the gaming industry has been the lifestyle they hoped for. I’m sure once those individuals sign their contracts, they will be happy to let everyone know who they are.

What does this mean for the Gears of War community? No actions or plans have been made yet to continue servicing the community and planning events since we are still building our internal structure. However, we would like to. In my next sentence, I reflect the sentiment of all the staff members that have volunteered to service the community. We cannot continue to spend our funds, time, and resources into a community that does not wholeheartedly understand the sacrifices we have made, appreciate our efforts, and that does not reflect the work we have done for them.  We hope to continue servicing the Gears of War community alongside The Coalition and Microsoft Studios.  Most importantly, we need the players and community that enjoy and benefit from the services we have provided to support us back, grow in numbers, and mature.

The future is very exciting for this group of passionate people I have had the honor to work with. We finally have the means to produce our vision and claim a stake in gaming culture.  Be on the look out for our first moves later this year.


As CEO of Hypefestation, Jason fills many roles in the Hypefestation staff. His roles include Event Coordinator, Video Producer, Writer, Live Streamer, Commentator, and occasionally, Staff Therapist.