Hype 4 LAN Settings and Brackets


Hypefestation Official Rules and Settings
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition
Double Elimination
October 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Pittsburgh, PA.

General Event Information
Code of Conduct
Hype 4 Seeding 
LAN Schedule
Side Event: 2v2 Brackets
Side Event: 1v1 Brackets
Main Event Team Rosters
Full Settings/regulations for Main/Side events

Any players caught cheating will be banned from all future Hypefestation events.

Lancer/Gnasher Loadout ONLY

The full set of rules, regulations, and settings can be read by clicking here. All of the rules listed apply except for the ‘Seven round rule.’

Winners Bracket:
1. Gridlock, Fuel Depot, Old Bones, Canals, Clocktower
2. Canals, Old Bones, Mansion, Gridlock, War Machine
3. Clocktower, War Machine, Gridlock, Mansion, Fuel Depot
4. Mansion, Clocktower, War Machine, Fuel Depot, Canals
5. Fuel Depot, Mansion, Canals, Old Bones, Gridlock
6. Old Bones, Gridlock, Clocktower, War Machine, Mansion
Losers Bracket:
1. Canals, War Machine, Old Bones, Gridlock, Clocktower
2. War Machine, Fuel Depot, Clocktower, Canals, Mansion
3. Old Bones, Gridlock, Mansion, Fuel Depot, War Machine
4. Clocktower, Mansion, Canals, Old Bones, Gridlock
5. Fuel Depot, Old Bones, War Machine, Mansion, Canals
6. Gridlock, Canals, Fuel Depot, Clocktower, Old Bones
7. War Machine, Clocktower, Gridlock,  Mansion, Fuel Depot
8. Canals, Gridlock, Mansion, Fuel Depot, War Machine
9. Gridlock, Old Bones, War Machine, Clocktower, Canals

Grand Finals
1. Mansion, Gridlock, Clocktower, Old Bones, Fuel Depot
2. Canals, Old Bones, War Machine, Gridlock, Mansion

*Brackets will be FULLY finalized by September 27th at midnight EDT. Teams can no longer change rosters, change team names, or change gamertags. Absolutely NO changes to anything can be made after this deadline, no exceptions.

You can also have the brackets available to you by downloading the TOORNAMENT application and searching for HYPEFESTATION.


Event Results

1st Fury
2nd Synergy
3rd Swarm
4th VexX

5th Place Tie

7th Place Tie
Cutting Edge

9th Place Tie
First Class
iQHQ Legacy
iiNK eSports
True AmB.Defiance

13th Place Tie
Ruffled Feathers
Wizards in Winterbreak
Enemy eSports

17th Place Tie
Arcane prOphEcy
Noble vXc
Justus Raw Talent
Arcane Enigma
LGD Blue

25th Place Tie
SweeT N SouR
The Final Chapter
Rocket Appliances
PR and The Funky Bunch
Bad Karma
Prayers #AGL

33rd Place Tie
Gnashed Potatoes
FYC eSports
Double Cross

Hypefestation reserves the right to change the rules or regulations at any time for any reason. Cash prizes will be awarded by Hypefestation in thirty days or less from the tournaments end. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hypefestation’s Event Organizer by e-mailing her at CatIsFrisky@Hypefestation.com

Adriana is currently a Grad Student with amazing organization skills and a love for gaming. She is in charge of Competitive Operations which includes event coordinating, player relations, competitive rules and competitive bracket systems.