Hype 4 Teams


The listed teams are fully paid for, locked in (if applicable), have submitted their rosters, have joined the discord chat and will be attending Hypefestation 4.


1. Bad Karma – KO Kid x, Mr WhiteSharpie, N4stys, Negattive. Coach – UnUz
2. iiNK eSports – MeDz iiNK, PhiLLieS iiNK, TwiLLS iiNK, Digital iiNK.
3. IRonyx – EcKoEliTeSpArK, EyeZeek, KRAZY BORIKUA 5, Kyuubi EL Jorge.
4. The Final Chapter – signiflcance, Raindrops og, MoSS DinG0, Energetiks. Coach – BigSlayZ
5. Trystate – TsT CHEVY, TsT Linohh,TsT BURN, TsT Giggs.
6. Noble vXc – Noble WiNGOS, Noble Chubbz, Noble Gambler22, Noble SuBZeRo. Coach – Noble Knxght
7. Enemy eSports – AffinityKami, Eternity vSn, NME CaRiLLs, NME DPoints. Coach – NME Burger
8. Arcane Enigma – AbN Infinitives, Brevvsky, NR Notify, SayNoToKrashy.
9. ThrillCo – Blackout TCo, Jynx L, Rage TCo, Rolland TCo. Coach – lnticed
10. Fury – FraNChlS, Kenny Bounce, Soto3k, Praized Z. Coach – RyanFoolz
11. VexX Gaming – VexX Dispensa, VexX ToySxldier, VexX Yogurt4, VexXcells.
12. Justus Raw Talent – Jus Immortal, Jus MenTz Jus Voids, Jus Cubano.
13. Double Cross – Bu12n, i Dsh0t i, KmKz Aqua oG, Nai2c.
14. Patience – Big Robes, LKrossover, Poetry ii, zCrowbar.
15. Resilience – Just Stiles, x AnThxnY, ANNiHiLaTe eM, Xterrnal.
16. Ruffled Feathers – still cinellz, Celend, xMeph1sto, ANewnez.
17. FYC eSports – FYC BANGUOUT, FYC FRAG, FYC DiCe, FYC AvenguRs.
18. True AmB.DeFiance – AhToMic, Desolater, OvaloaD x, TRAMMMMMMAASAUR.
19. Awakening – Bobbys Ambition, Fanag1er, Knock vSn, Po5eidoN.
20. Swarm – Swarm Xplosive, Swarm Lava, Swarm MentaL, PHENOLVLENO7V.
21. KINJA CLAN – TYBUU, v StraFey o, Declineless, King Barco.
22. Gnashed Potatoes – AlaskanWhalers, Le MADa Studios, TK xFROSTY, RORy1118.
23. Arcane prOphEcy – SiKiMaGe, iRmaNi, in Tandem, ShrRedda.
24. Tragedy –  Sir SiCaMoRe, TWiST3D SH0T, Sleepytime, Supremoz.
25. Renegade – IM B00Gi3, Wazzy NS, Subevo, Stimulates.
26. Shinetime –TU6 GhostLiKe, ThexSD, JR SMOKEZ, AiiRMaXz.
27. Volatile – KNOCKOUT TANKS, Jon E BoYY SwaG, keviNTNw, Stitches LFG.
28. Nocturnal – Sshwo, Hype Boomer, Dremils, K Wreckz. Coach – Gorgon Freeman
29. Annex – ANX DeMo, ANX Rozado, ANX Clouts, ANX Kyle.
30. Synergy – L Strangulate L, SYN Red Icy, Majin Noxious, TdN Nastty.
31. iQHQ Legacy – FatalStryke, J Ribs, Perfec7 Uno, LeoN.
32. First Class – Casperz, Dread lo Mein, Entaprize, Acrylic.
33.Wizards in WInderbreakers – vXc J WIN, Aeria1s, AmardaDirtLord, Chcoigol.
34. PR and The Funky Bunch – Noble MvPR, Letnek ox, Apizy 6GoD, NME Helium.
35. SweeT N SouR – SnS SmiLey, Shineys, Vaaca, SnS ChristGoD .
36. Rocket Appliances – xChaston, AutoMATTikk, TmT Eh, oBloody .
37. EBK – Munchies L, BRAG0, I GREED L, Free The God.
38. LGD Blue – lPhob1a, RalNaGe, OctaneZ, ViiNaaM.
39. Cutting Edge eSports – RobAims, Crushmo, Genesis is God, Blaze ecm.
40. Prayers #AGL – Reloads, Fierce, Contribs, RayziLL


(Captains have received an e-mail on how to submit their full team roster information to Hypefestation.)

Adriana is currently a Grad Student with amazing organization skills and a love for gaming. She is in charge of Competitive Operations which includes event coordinating, player relations, competitive rules and competitive bracket systems.