GoW:UE Official Competitive Rules


The following consists of the current maps, swaps and character restrictions that will be applied to Hypefestation 4v4 competitive events.

Execution Settings:
Rounds to Win: 4
Round Duration: 4 minutes
Bleed-Out Duration: 20 seconds
Active Reload: Off *Subject to change with patch update*
Self-Revive: On
Friendly Fire: On
Weapon Respawn: After Pickup

Execution Maps(7):
Fuel Depot
Old Bones
War Machine

Map Swaps (Apply to all):
Boomshot <Default>
Torque Bow <Default>
Longshot Rifle <Default>
Frag Grenades <Default>
Hammerburst <Default>
Hammer of Dawn <Boomshot>
Boltok Pistol <Hammerburst>


Banned COG Characters:
Civilian Anya
Samantha Byrne

Locust Banned Characters:
Savage Kantus

NO using Clone Characters. Use one or the other. NOT both.
Cog Clone Characters:
Anthony and Benjamin Carmine
Cog Gear and Golden Gear
Dominic Santiago and Commando Dom
Marcus Fenix and Unarmored Marcus
Augustus Cole and Superstar Cole
Dizzy and Big Rig Dizzy

Locust Clone Characters:
Grenadier Elite and Flame Grenadier
Grenadier and Hunter Elite
Spotter and Miner
Theron and Theron Elite


*Updated on Sept 13th, 2015.

Adriana is currently a Grad Student with amazing organization skills and a love for gaming. She is in charge of Competitive Operations which includes event coordinating, player relations, competitive rules and competitive bracket systems.