Fury Wins Competitive Showcase


Team Fury gnashed through the competition and proved they were a team to be reckoned with during Friday’s Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Competitive Showcase hosted by The Coalition.  The audience was surprised that such a young team had no problem dominating veteran players, especially those of Infinity, who ruled the Gears of War 1 competitive scene back in its hay day. Pre-Showcase doubt also surfaced because Fury had failed to play to their potential and struggled through the bracket at the last Gears of War LAN event, Hype Winter Brawl 9. However, last week’s display of superiority shattered all preconceived notions that Fury would be eliminated quickly by former heavy hitters.


When the live stream was treated with a listen-in, we quickly discovered some reasons why the team performed the way they did.  Passion, positive reinforcement and echoes of strategy made it seem that this roster of players had been together for years.  The team captain and only MLG Gears of War 1 veteran, Franchis (formerly Mavo) says when compared to Infinity, Fury has better communication, teamwork and individual skill.  He also mentioned they are happy about snagging a victory at the Competitive Showcase, but they aren’t done winning just yet.

This triumph gives Fury great momentum heading into the online and LAN tournaments that lie ahead.  The outcome also conveys that the younger generation of players, who did not have a chance to compete early on in the Gears of War series, may give veterans a run for their money.  Be sure to keep an eye out for Fury and other great teams at Hype 4 in October!

You can rewatch the Competitive Showcase here on the official Gears of War Twitch channel.



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