Event Staff Application


Hey there Hype Fans!! Going forward we are taking a different approach to gathering staff for the upcoming Online and LAN events.

Below you will find our new Event Staff Application. Or you can go to it directly by clicking here.

Please be sure to fill it out in order to be considered for available positions.

Referees will be compensated for their time refereeing  on a per match basis. Select staff members involving technical hardware will also be compensated.

Requirements for Referee Eligibility are as follows:

– To participate as a staff member at Hypefesation 4 in Pittsburgh, PA.  applicants MUST be available Friday October 2, 2015 at 5 pm at the venue for orientation, early access and signing of paperwork.
– Referees will be responsible for fully understanding the specified LAN rules, bracket operations and pool play.
– Referees must be confident with their knowledge of the rules and enforce them as well as the player conduct policy.
MUST have legible handwriting for LAN Event Staff.
– Must be able to effectively communicate with the Assistant Event Manager and Lead Referee.


These are the current positions we are seeking to fill for Hypefestion 4:

18-24 On Site Referees
2-4 On Site Electronic Hardware Equipment Techs (Xbox Ones, Networking, Power, Placement)
1 On Site Audio Tech (Sound Mixing, Wireless and Wired microphone configurations)
1 On Site Video Tech (Camera Op, Technical Directing, graphics)
1 On Site Adobe Photoshop CC Graphics Editor (Not design, just editing already pre-made images)


As a referee, you will be representing Hypefestation for this event. Thus, we expect all Refs to fully understand all rules and regulations prior to the event start and be well behaved.