Deluxe Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Announced


The Deluxe Version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was announced yesterday by The Coalition.  This $60 version includes new weapon skins and characters for multiplayer. Let’s fall in and take a closer look at these pre-order bonuses.


After announcing that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition had gone gold, The Coalition also announced some new goodies for us Gears.  The Deluxe Version is now available to fans for pre-order and pre-download so they can jump right into the action on August 25.   Not only that, but this new version also comes stacked with multiplayer goodies.  Note: For those that are not really wanting to spend deluxe bucks, you can still pre-download and pre-order the standard edition, as well.


The Deluxe Version includes:

  •   10 animated skins–Bubbles, Disco Ball, Water, Static, Fire, Beam Wave, Warp Drive, Psycho Disco, Liquid Chrome and Hypno skins
  • 36 standard weapon skins–White Flame, Voodoo, Optical, 8 Ball, Peacenik, Warbird, Tiger, Zebra, Cheetah, Paintball, Unirainbow, Biohazard, Swamp Camo, Desert Camo, Digital Camo, Green Flame, Yellow Flame, Orange Flame, Loader, Corp., Greenie, Imulsion, Corpser, Boomer, Clownfish, Peacock, Tree Frog, Gunmetal, King Raven, Stone, Purple Camo, Love Hearts, Pink Flame, Platinum, Chrome and Brass.
  •  Civilian Marcus Fenix
  •  Aaron Griffin
  •  Adam Fenix
  •  Includes all the perks from the standard edition including Civilian Anya and the animated immulsion weapon skin




Will we be able to buy or even unlock these weapon skins individually in-game?  17 unlockable characters are listed in the game description, but will these particular characters become unlockable?  I am not sure we will get answers to these questions, but if we do, we will be sure to share them here.


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