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Hype 4 LAN Settings and Brackets

Hypefestation Official Rules and Settings Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Double Elimination October 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Pittsburgh, PA. General Event Information Code of Conduct Hype 4 Seeding  LAN Schedule Side Event: 2v2 Brackets


Friday (Side Events/Check-In) 11 am         –  Venue Opens 4 pm          –  Side Event Registration and Team Check-In begins 6:15 pm     –  Side Event

Hype 4 Teams

The listed teams are fully paid for, locked in (if applicable), have submitted their rosters, have joined the discord chat and will be attending Hypefestation 4.   1. Bad Karma – KO

GoW:UE Official Competitive Rules

The following consists of the current maps, swaps and character restrictions that will be applied to Hypefestation 4v4 competitive events. Execution Settings: Rounds to Win: 4 Round Duration: 4 minutes Bleed-Out Duration:

Updated LAN Rules

We have updated our LAN rules. We expect all competitive players attending Hype 4 to read the following. You can see the full rule set here.   Specific LAN Rules for players:

Pool Play

Hypefestation’s Pool Play  How do the pools work? A tournament consisting of 32 teams will be filled with 8 pools. Each pool will consist of 4 teams. (Additional teams will create pools

Kickback Invitational – Hype 4

Hypefestation Official Rules and Settings Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Sep 19th/20th, 2015. 9am PDT / Noon EDT / 4 pm UTC Entry: Purchase of Hype 4 Team Pass. Prize: 1st Place

Hypefestation Bracket Seeding

The Seeding for Hype 4 will only contain points from the Online Invitational Kickback tournament. Points from Gears of War 3 will no longer count. Seeding points determine your place in the brackets