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Hypefestation Lock-In Pass Terms of Agreement

Hypefestation Lock-In Team Pass Terms of Agreement In an effort to promote professionalism among teams and players, we are offering a Hypefestation Lock-In Team Pass for Hypefestation 4. The idea behind this

Hypefestation: Winterbrawl 9 2015!

-Jason Barbosa @CaptnBarbosa December 28st, 2014 On December 21st, 2014, Hypefestation: Winter Brawl 9 was announced during Black Tusk Studios’ 1v1 Mercy Tournament.   With the help of Black Tusk Studios’, Hypefestation

Ashes to Ashes

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One of ours has fallen

On September 13th, one of our own fellow community Gears of War members Danny Zeitz, also known as PhoboszYn, was robbed and then shot during a Craigslist dealing meet up gone horribly

Hype on Destiny X1

Hey everyone! This is a letter from CaptnBarbosa. If you’re here, you either got tweets, Facebook messages, or met me in person at Best Buy on Monday night handing out stuff to

Player Conduct, Policies, and Rules

PLAYER PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT Hypefestation as a gaming media production platform, highly encourages competitive players to put their personalities on display. We believe it is healthy for any competitive community to have very distinguished

Hypefestation 3

Hypefestation 3! The quick facts… June 27th – 29th eBash Indianapolis 6609 East 82nd Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46250   BUY TEAM PASSES / TICKETS HERE BUY LATE REGISTRATION PASSES, GOW1 PASSES, and

Hypefestation 1.2 Settings Finalized

Hypefestation 3 Final Settings General Rules Rounds to Win – 4 Round Time Limit – 4 Bleed-out Time – 20 (hidden default) Friendly Fire – On Weapon Respawn – After Pick Up